Kiwi Educators Group

Breaking News……


I didn’t notice when it happened! But we now have 105 members!! (May 3rd 2008) The community is growing!


We have 97 members of the Kiwi educators group – when will we make 100! I’ll let you know. (9 march 2008).


The Kiwi Educators group is an informal Second Life group for anyone interested in or working in education in New Zealand. We have a number of overseas members, from UK and Australia, amongst others!.

We try to meet most Sundays at 8pm New Zealand time and we always start at the Kiwi Educators meeting area on Koru which has been beautifully landscaped by Isa Goodman to create a New Zealand bush setting. (Its worth getting there early in the morning (SL time) and watching the sun’s rays strike through the dawn mist. At the meeting area there is further information on Kiwi Educators and a photoboard that displays photos from some of our more memorable meetings! Sometimes the meetings have themes, or spcific activities but sometimes they are just more of an informal drop in time to catch up with others and we quite often finish by dancing on the Koru dance floor!

Kiwi Educators also have a sandbox on Koru. If you are a Kiwi Ed member and you have the group activated you can create builds in the sandbox and can also set it as your home base – (always good to have somewhere to teleport quickly to in an emergency!).

There are usually some useful free items on Koru too – down at the wharf there is a treasure chest of free items and also 2 huds (heads up dipslays) of interesting places to visit.

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