SL Education

One response to “SL Education

  1. I saw a blog post about your project on The Nelson Mail.

    “The big part really is identifying the teaching methods that are likely to be most suitable to Second Life,” Dr Atkins said.

    She said it came down to whether or not virtual environments offered value to education. “We believe that they do, even though it’s early days and no one knows how to use it best. It’s a brave new world, really.”

    I am a Second Life resident. For the most part I support virtual world usage as a tool in education, business and communication.

    I found this post “Online Education Increases Inequality.”

    “The researchers say that pupils from less wealthy backgrounds can be disadvantaged both at home and in school by an over-emphasis on using technologies such as the Internet. ”

    Does this theory impact your approach to Second Life as a tool in education? Is it worth consideration? Have you thought about bridges to cross this divide?

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