My world, my imagination….

Since my first encounters with OpenSim in 2008 I had understood the vast potential that it offered but my experiences within it were frustrating, silent and lonely.  I had little patience with textures that wouldn’t stick,  with crashing sims and unresponsive scripts and most of all with the constipated duck waddle of the default female avatar. Second Life offered so much more for me and my teaching in terms of rich content, community and engagement.

Then came the news of the loss of the educational discount for Second Life and I decided it was time to seriously consider my options for the future.  Having known Jokay inSL for some years I thought I would visit her in JokaydiaGrid – one of my better decisions!!  Three weeks later I am delighting in the company of a  creative collaborative community, an excellent viewer with a built in AO (Imprudence) and part ownership of two sims, Goodstar and Applewood.

Applewood - Day dawning

A new day begins on Applewood

As a result I have found a new joy and energy in creating again.  This time with the space and prims to be really adventurous – My World, My Imagination.  My problem now is which of the many ideas do I want to tackle first!   The one thing I always need is somewhere peaceful and beautiful and just slightly mysterious to sit and contemplate and reflect.  Applewood immediately sprouts, a pond, rocks and somewhere to sit and watch the rising sun.  I reluctantly leave the grid to deal with other work.

Hours later I log back in and stand back to enjoy for a moment the sight of the pond glinting between the donated trees – is that a bird swooping over the water in the dawn light? It is!! I immediately guess that a new found friend, Rob Merchi, has encouraged some birds to find a new home.  I am inspired by the kindness and the  ability to share.  A new day dawns and now I’m off to upload the dawn chorus.

One response to “My world, my imagination….

  1. Beautiful post. Welcome to the grid, neighbor. 🙂

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