SLENZ Project Development Roadmap – Background

This section provides a little background to the Development Roadmap. Please see the other postings for details of the three main phases.  If you would like a copy of the whole document please leave me a message and I will get it to you.

The Framework.
We considered that essentially the initial design and development of a project lent itself to three major phases outlined below. Each stage of each project would progress through all of the phases. However, as each stage would be building on the work of the previous one, some of the previous thinking and work would be reused. There will be further phases including testing and evaluation of the completed activity (still to be added).
The Roles
Project Leader, Phase Leader, Learning Designer, Lead Developer,Lead Educator, Tester, Evaluator.


2 responses to “SLENZ Project Development Roadmap – Background

  1. A thought is about the interpretation of “phases”. I see a phases not as a strictly sequential but as areas of concern that should(must?) be considered. You might think that, for example “develop the conceptual understanding” must happen before “learning narratives” and then the building and implementation should happen. However, it seems to me that Phase 1 presents a set of ongoing concerns that lead to activities through out the process, and that work undertaken in Phase 3 for example might illuminate Phase 2. I like the word “phase” because it does not always mean a something that happens in sequence, it can mean things that are orthogonal, complimentary and part of the overall thrust in an activity or process.

  2. Just linking back to further background to this development idea.

    It would be good too, once the original Google Docs you worked on Clare are open, we should link back to them as well.

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