Designing and creating SL ‘builds’

One of the interesting issues that the SLENZ project has highlighted is just how do you go about creating a complex build in SL with several developers in an organised and systematic way.  As good IT developers we are always thinking of what methodologies, techniques etc to use.  Of course, SL builds have their own levels of complexity incorporating code, objects, textures, sounds, animations and interactions and as far as we can tell no one has yet described a good way of managing the development of these. (If anyone has I would love to know!).

Therefore we have had a first go at putting together some initial thoughts on the priniciples, processes and techniques that we might use for an educational build and they can be found here on the SLENZ blog.  Would love to have useful comments back about what we are proposing!


2 responses to “Designing and creating SL ‘builds’

  1. I haven’t got a comment to make at this stage because I am still processing what it means to be part of this project. But I do think that this is an incredible project, and the archiving of the process (our blog posts about what we’re doing and why) will be a great resource for future development.

  2. I really admire you, educators from New Zeland! I am a highschool teacher from Greece and I also study a postgraduate program on e-learning. I wonder which are the basic principles for good design of educational activities in 3D worlds.

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