Wellington Railway Station

Thanks to some exciting and innovative work by my colleague Rollo Kohime (aka as Mike Baker of NMIT’s Visual Arts team), Koru has sprouted a new and rather interesting build over the last few months.

Wellington Railway Station on Koru

Wellington Railway Station on Koru

Mike is currently studying for his Masters in Art and Design, majoring in Dance and Video through the Auckland University of Technology. His project, “In the Company of Strangers” comments on how strangers negotiate the parameters of meetings, exchanges and conversations in urban spaces. The build, which utilises Mike’s own photographs, blog entries, comments, soundscapes and which will include his video, explores this in one urban space, Wellington Railway Station. The effect is mesmerising and highly immersive. Take a trip to Koru to contemplate the existence or not of some of the boundaries between the virtual and the real, and those between strangers. If Rollo is there, he will happily chat to you about his work in progress and he plans to have a more public display of himself working in Second Life during the Nelson Arts Festival.

Wellington raliway Station - Interior

Wellington raliway Station - Interior

Watch this space for more details on this!

or you can visit Mike’s blog for more information or to leave your comments. Below is a SLURL to Mike’s build on Koru: And if you come visiting feel free to look around the rest of the island too, listen to the tuis or the morepork and if you are really lucky you may catch the whale song in the bay. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Koru/86/77/22

4 responses to “Wellington Railway Station

  1. Having witnessed Rollo’s build first-hand, allow me to say it’s really quite a nice piece of work! Really a great testament to what someone with no previous 3D modeling experience can accomplish in SL! Conveys the sensation of actually being there in a very innovative and effective manner. Also for some reason it reminds me of this video:

    Enjoy 🙂

  2. What a fascinating place. So much to explore. I think it is a great work of art. Sl give artists another dimension to their work doesn’t it?

  3. I think it appropriate to say at this point that if it had not been for CiderJack, I might be still travelling in circles on my Station build! Cider, thank you very much for the lesson you gave me on copying and lining up building prims. It enabled me to make a great start. Thank you and midwikied for your comments – greatly appreciated! I still have a great deal to do, but in the 90 odd hours it has taken me to build the Station simulation I have learned a great deal. Keep coming back to see the developments! Best, Rollo/Miklos

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