TELSIG – 2008

I am currently attending the Tertiary Education Libraries Special Interest Group’s (TELSIG) biennial meeting In Palmerston North – once again, a friendly interesting conference with some very interesting speakers, particularly Ass Prof Mark Brown of Massey University views on emerging trends in eLearning and some useful information on such things as recent developments in NZ copyright law and institutional repositories.

Not a conference that I would usually have attended but one where I had been invited to coordinate to session on Second Life in education and its potential for libraries in particular. Having been given a 2 hour session, we managed (with valuable assistance from Tim Darlington and Rob Mooar – thanks guys!) to create a truly inter-world presentation!

I provided a short overview of Second Life using in a standard form (i.e. powerpoints and speaking to the RL audience) but then it got interesting! Having mentioned the value of real time interaction, we were able to move almost seamlessly to Jo Kay in Sydney or rather to Jokay Wollongong on Jokaydia in Second Life. With the assistance of Timothy Greig‘s avatar Aramis Maginot, we were able to project Jokay on to the screen while she showed us around the Jokaydia islands, talked to the audience about what we were seeing, and answer questions put directly to her. Impressive technology indeed!

We then moved to Emerald Gerant (in real life Kathryn Greenhill of Murdoch University in Australia) for an insight into libraries in Second Life and for a quick view of what Murdoch are doing. The audience was also treated to a little view of themselves as Timothy had taken a photo of the conference which he then uploaded to SL and which Kathryn then used to decorate a cube which revolved beside her as she was speaking! She had also arranged for her webcam view to be projected into Second Life – cool!

At the end of her talk, Emerald then teleported to Koru where Aramis Maginot was waiting to present his slides both to an inworld and a real world audience while Timothy provide the voice over in the conference room transmitted back into Second Life. His talk based on the work from his Master’s thesis was very interesting and hopefully he will find time to give us some help with the SLENZ project.

I finished up with a very short conclusion on the future and our SLENZ project plans. By far and away the most complex technical presentation that I have been involved with, and I am still a little in awe that it worked with so few glitches!

Everyone seemed to have found the presentations interesting and thought provoking and much of the rest of the day and evening was spent answering sl questions! Exactly what I had hoped for!! Sure hope some of you will find your way into SL!!


6 responses to “TELSIG – 2008

  1. arwennastardust

    An interesting comment made to me by someone at lunchtime here on the last day of the TELSIG seminar, was about realising that Second Life is an experimental space. OF COURSE! It is something that those of us used to Second Life tend to take for granted I suspect that the whole second life experience is experimental. We expect problems, ignore rendering problems, seeing grey people etc etc….but for those seeing SL for the first time, especially after the hype and enthusiasm that can accompany the promotion of it, some expect to see a far more stable and perhaps sophisticated space.
    I am coming to realise the importance of emphasising not only the huge technical achievements of creating Second Life in the first place but also its evolutionary nature. I am sure that we will look back on SL2008 in a few years time and wonder at its crudity, instability and inefficiencies…….but for now – it is important to at least begin to explore the potential that these space offer us.

  2. wow, that sounds quite amazing, and to do it without major technological glitches – well done!

  3. Emerald *Dumont*.

    Sounds like it went really well.

  4. Also have some fun in the virtual world–we have a bunch of places to explore and all with top quality build and design

    some little videos here:

    cu you on the grid!

  5. Hi Arwenna

    Glad it all went well. Sounds fantastic. I was disappointed that I couldn’t tune in for the session. As it happens I even struggle to open up blogs on the web from my place here in Samoa but today is a good day so I’m making the most of it. SL is not even a possibility here with the connections etc. Ho hum.


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