Digital Storytelling

The Second Life demons were playing with us on Friday evening but still an eclectic group met around a campfire on Koru and told some of our Second Life life stories. Unable to successfully record the audio stream, the event was largely ephemeral but those of us who were there had a wonderful time. Iphigenia illustrated hers with photos while I was able to pass around Arwenna’s story on a notecard while other, friends both old and new, delighted us with their thoughts. For many it was the first time we had shared stories in this kind of forum, in either life, and the sense of connection and community was strong. Even better was to discover later the truly global nature of the experience that we had helped to create.

It may have been a small beginning but roll on next year! And in the meantime keep the stories flowing.


2 responses to “Digital Storytelling

  1. I enjoyed the session even though I wasn’t able to stay for long. I loved your story – next time, I’ll make up a proper story.

  2. arwennastardust

    Thank you Sarah – you are always such a great supporter of our events!
    I have posted Arwenna’s story on the NZ Digital Storytelling ning site – Click on Arwenna’s story above!
    I look forward to hearing your ‘proper’ story! lol!

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