Second Life Stories Storytelling Day

Just had a very productive meeting about the International Storytelling Day. It’s on Friday May 16th and we will be having a storytelling circle at the Kiwi Educators meeting place on Koru. It will be at 8pm NZ time (thats May 16th 1am SLT/PDT) and we invite anyone to come along and tell part of their SL Life story. We will be using voice and we hope to record the stories, with your permission of course, and have them archived on Koru for other to hear at a later date.

We thought we would ask everyone to limit themselves to around 5 mins but if you know that you need longer then please let us know in good time. It would be very helpful if you would let us know if you would like to tell your story – then we can plan a programme – but we will keep it as informal as possible and you can just turn up on the evening if you prefer.

And don’t forget you are more than welcome to just come along and listen and enjoy the telling! Watch this blog for further details and feel free to comment here or to email or IM me (or Iphigenia Flores) to let us know if you are interested.


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