Using Profiles

As I have been thinking about ‘what do you need to know’ to be ‘competent’ in SL – it occurred to me to remind people to use their profiles! In my very early days in SL I was a little hesitant to click on someone to view their profile – somehow it seemed like an invasion of their privacy! – but I have long since realised that a) no one knows if you click on their profile (they don’t feel it! honest!) and b) people only put in their profile the things that they are happy for you to read!


I have also learned that it is a VERY useful way of finding new places (check out people’s PICKs),2-profile_001.jpg

finding out the LM for their shop(s) (check out their Classified), 2-profile_002.jpg  finding new groups (just double click on a group name in a persons profile for more info on that group) and occasionally interesting web pages and bits about them in Real Life (Click on 1st life).  2-profile_003.jpgIt is also an interesting way of discovering about the different online identities that people have and sometime who their friends are!

BUT imho the most useful tab of all on anyone’s profile is the My Notes tab – here you can write notes to yourself about the person – real name, email address, what they are interested in – where you met them etc etc and it is all totally PRIVATE – you are the only person who can read what you have put in the My Notes page! I use it all the time to keep track of all the different people I have met for the first time in SL – I find it the most useful way of keeping notes in SL about people.


And while we are on the subject of profiles – have you looked at your own recently? The more info you put in your profile the more chance there is that others will be able to see what you have in common! And don’t forget photos – SL or RL. Next time you are in SL, have an explore of your profile – and of the other people you meet!


5 responses to “Using Profiles

  1. Thanks for this – a great post with lots of ideas I am going to pursue next time I am in SL. cheers Sarah


    Thanks Arwenna. Happy to continue this via blog. I first of all have to sort out how to stand up before we get back to SL…..I stupidly flew away while sitting down. That’s a lesson I’ll not forget.

  3. arwennastardust

    Hey not a problem! And don’t worry about not standing up – you will be normal when you next logon! (whatever normal is!)

  4. Thanks for this post Arwenna. I will definitely have a look at my profile in second life when I am in again. Something to do on Sunday morning while I wait to see if anyone turns up at the sandbox. This will be the last weekend I can get in for a while as I have other commitments coming up.
    I have been busy looking at flexible learning lately in my new blog
    Thanks again

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