Sharing Second Life life stories

Just had a neat Kiwi Eds session on Koru tonight. Iphi came to talk to us about International Day for Sharing Life Stories and how we might play a role in Second Life. Those of us there thought it would be a great idea to use Koru for a two hour (perhaps) session. The day is on May 16th and we will use this blog posting to gather some of the ideas on what we might do – so if you have any ideas – please comment!

This is from the the blogsite that Iphi told us about:

“The Museum of the Person International Network (Brazil, Portugal, USA and Canada) and the Center for Digital Storytelling (USA) have announced Listen! – International Day for Sharing Life Stories, an international celebration of life stories to take place on May 16th 2008. They are launching the project website, to assist with information sharing and coordination of the campaign. The goal of the campaign is to gain broad recognition of May 16 as an annual day for sharing, listening to, and gathering the stories of people’s lives.”

We wondered whether it would be fun to have part (or all ) of the session on Second Life life stories – what do you think? And would you be prepared to share a story of your life (second or first?) let me know so that we can think about some planning!


4 responses to “Sharing Second Life life stories

  1. Hi Arwenna

    Thanks for this – I don’t have a clear idea of what we would do but I did envisage some kind of storycircle in Koru, perhaps inviting along others from other regions. I cannot see that any other groups are doing this in SL yet so it’d be good to advertise our plans too when they are firmed up. It’d be great to be able to capture these stories too and or find a way to create a short movie (I’ve seen it done but am not up to those skills yet).

    Let’s see what our fellow KE come up with. Thanks for championing this idea.


  2. arwennastardust

    Thanks for this Sarah – I remember reading it at the time and thinking what good questions you are asking. I guess that however we present ourselves in SL is making a statement! I too would hate to look like some of the ‘hot chicks’ in SL but I have still taken quite a few kilos off my weight and given myself the hair I always wanted! Interesting though I am still relatively short by SL standards – as I am in RL and that was not a conscious decision – just what happened! I only discovered how vertically challenged I was in SL when a customer bought one of my chairs and then complained because their feet disappeared through the floor when they sat on it! Whoops!! It had been fine for me!!

  3. Hi Arwenna

    Hmmm not much enthusiams about sharing stories in second life about identity……..I’ll try and get into SL this weekend and see what else is about.

    Still worth a ‘go’?

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