Another good meeting

I have just returned from the second midwives meeting in SL. It was an interesting challenge as Second Life was having a bit of a bad hair day and being just a little temperamental! Poor Dacary kept crashing and none of us, except Petal, had much luck with getting (or keeping) voice working. We reverted to text alone which can be difficult for some (but at least I could eat my hot cross bun without anyone knowing!)

We were joined by two midwives from North America today – Sudbury Runningbear and Lisachris Latte and also Moonshadow Questi from Australia. A different set of people today probably because of time differences. All the resources for the midwives group and meetings are to be found either on Carolyns blog here or on the wikieducator site which she had set up here.

We ended up in the cave in Arwenna’s Secret Garden – which was a neat thing for people fairly new to SL to see – and I just had to show off and turn into a mermaid for a while!

I also promised that I would seek out the SL Competencies that had been suggested by Chris Eggplant over at Education UK. I will post about that shortly!


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