Midwives meeting debrief

A number of people who attended the meeting have blogged about the experience and have photos and even a short screencast from Petal (aka Sarah Stewart).  It is good to see that it is inspiring others to think about how they could potentially use Second Life in their own areas too – and Koru Bracken (aka Merrolee Perriman) has suggested that perhaps people in her own area of  Occupational Therapy might think about its potential for them too.

Great stuff!!


2 responses to “Midwives meeting debrief

  1. Hi Arwenna, Thank you very much for all your help the other day. The meeting would have a lot more disorganized without all your supervision and help. best wishes Sarah

  2. It is great to see the interest that this has generated Arwenna, the success of this is largely due to you. I have created a wiki for the second life midwives group http://www.wikieducator.org/Midwives_in_second_life#To_join_us_in_second_life
    Looking forward to seeing you again on Sunday and seeing if we can have some adventures this time. Thanks again. Carolyn

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