Midwives Meet

It was a pleasure to host the inaugural (I think!) meeting of the Midwives in SL group on Koru yesterday. Over the last few months I have had the fun of helping Carolyn McIntosh (aka Dacary Dumpling) becoming a little more familiar with Second Life and it was great to see her many hours of SL learning coming together in such a positive way.

Midwives meet in SL

Carolyn is a midwife who teaches at Otago Polytechnic and keeps an interesting blog here – she identified Second Life as a potentially exciting way of networking with other midwives and it was great to see midwives from UK, US, NZ and Australia in attendance.

I agree with Carolyn about the power of SL as a networking tool – for me it has been as much about that as it has about actually teaching here – although hopefully that will change soon!


One response to “Midwives Meet

  1. Many thanks Arwenna for your help last week and this. I think I can seak for all the midwives involved in saying we really appreciated your support and guidance in second life.

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